Past Events

Sports Day 2017

Sports day updatess..........

Kids Day 2017

Kids day was conducted by Tamil Sangam at Brentwood Library on Aug 19th. Almost 50 kids participated in Drawing competition, Thirukural potti and Pechu Potti. It was a great accomplishment by our member parents to train their kids and the results were evident. Our kids aged from 3 to 12 recited 750 kurals altogether most of them with Tamil Porul. True Proud moment! for the first time we conducted Pechu potti and 15 kids stood tall and rocked the stage with various topics from Neethi Kadhaigal to Viduthalai veerarkal. And finally our drawing competition, 50 kids show cased their art skills. Topics were given based on age (national bird "Peacock", traditional "Ther" / Charriott and "Ainthinai"(Five Landscape of Ancient Tamilnadu)). "Every Child is an Artist". No words to describe their creativity and originality of the theme . Each of their work was unique and judges had to work overtime to pick the winners.

Coding Club 2017

Music City Coders and TTS organized two coding summer camp session where 16 kids learned about coding and robotics. It was wonderful session to introduce coding to kids, more details can be found in Music City Coders blog Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

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