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Membership - 2017

Lets welcome 2017 with some exciting news about our Sangam . we have 365 blank pages in 2017 , let's have some good memories,fun,cheers to share in some of the pages about our TTS.

திருக்குறள் :      
விருப்பறாச் சுற்றம் இயையின் அருப்பறா 
ஆக்கம் பலவும் தரும்.
கலைஞர் உரை:
எந்த நிலைமையிலும் அன்பு குறையாத சுற்றம் ஒருவருக்குக் கிடைத்தால் அது அவருக்கு ஆக்கமும், வளர்ச்சியும் அளிக்கக் கூடியதாக அமையும்.
மு.வ உரை:
அன்பு நீங்காத சுற்றம் ஒருவனுக்குக் கிடைத்தால், அது மேன்மேலும் வளர்ச்சி குறையாத ஆக்கம் பலவற்றையும் அவனுக்குக் கொடுக்கும்.

Kalakkal pongal would be the start of this year followed by entertaining events !!!
Kalakkal Pongal -- Feb 11,2017 .. 2 PM Onward 
Chittirai Thiruvizha - promote Iyal Isai Nadagam ( Drawing,Paechu Potti,Kural Bee,Fancy Dress, Musical Skit)
Sports Day ( Kids sports, Kids Atheletics, Chess league for kids, Adults Volleyball league, Women's athletics games) 
Women's Day ( Kola potti, Kavithai, Kadhai, Katturai, Women's health clinic, open dance floor) 
Food Festival -- Authentic South Indian !! Yummy :--) 
Volunteer day for all ages (Tamil Community's giving back to Nashville metro and suburbs)
Let's Renew our Membership for this year and welcome new members to our sangam . 

Here is why TTS Membership ? 
Increase the awareness of our rich culture and history amongst our kids
Provides a platform to exhibit the inherent talent of all ages displaying our culture
Serves as a medium in creating Identity for ourselves
We all come from different directions but staying as one family under our sangam 
Promote Charitable Events 
Member benefits in local restaurants and merchandise 

Membership Details : 
Early Bird Annual Family Membership $85 ( Expires Jan 25 -- To encourage new families to join our Sangam )
Annual Family Membership $100
Annual Single Membership $50
Annual Student Membership $10

we are Introducing sponsor scheme , being non-profit sangam operates with all your generous contribution. Sponsors will be honored at the end of the year event with appreciation award / updates in website.

Sponsors Scheme : ( Memberships Waived)
Platinum Sponsors : $1000+
Gold Sponsors : $500+
Silver Sponsor : $250+

There are two ways to take action to renew today.
You can pay your membership fee online through store

If you choose to make a check payment, please send your check to below address.
Payable to "Tennessee Tamil Sangam" 
Write "2017 Membership Fee" in Memo

Thamizhselvan Rajendran
Treasurer - Tennessee Tamil Sangam
440 Valleyview Dr,
Franklin, TN, 37206

Once the membership fee is received, we will confirm your membership.

If you have any question, please reply to this email or reach us at or

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